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5.7 Configuring JavaServer Faces

Since Jboss 4.2, Jboss deliver its own jbossfaces implementation, so if you setup web.xml with this


Jboss will throw ClassNotFoundException
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Re: Out of Date on JbossFaces (Chapter 5.7)
Sorry for the late reply, I missed this one for some reason. I've addressed this issue and it should be reflected in the next MEAP.
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Re: Out of Date on JbossFaces (Chapter 5.7)
When is the next MEAP release. I'm stumped on this now. The JBoss docs use the term "surgically remove" the RI, but I see no discussion anywhere on doing it. I've tried removing <server>deployjbossweb.sarjsf-libs, but this makes everything blow up. If I use the 'context-param' org.jboss.jbossfaces.WAR_BUNDLES_JSF_IMPL as discussed in the JBoss online docs, there is no apparent difference. I can make the app work by including the RI jars and removing the myfaces references in web.xml, but everything runs at glacial pace (5 min/page). If I remove the myfaces references in web.xml without including the RI jars in my lib, it blows up.

This would be a really good thing to have discussed.

Another suggested topic, configuring DataSources so you have jndi paths the same as on other servers. The JBoss site instructions mainly result in jndi paths like 'java:MyDatasource' instead of the portable format of 'java:comp/env/jdbc/MyDatasource. This also took a long time to get right. (I can't imagine why the JBoss group chooses to use non-portable jndi name - seems REALLY stupid).

- Ray Clough