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First, great book.
The class loader can't find my groovy classes when i use them in an rcp action (IWorkbenchWindowActionDelegate). No problems at all using them from other Java classes. I've simplified the groovy down to noops, but of course that does not help if the class loader can't resolve the name. The failure continues even if I place the class in the bin tree rather than the bin-groovy tree.

It could be that i just don't understand RCP well enough to know, but it is also possible that I don't understand java/groovy well enough.

it seems to me that once I have xyz.class, no one should know if it was generated from or xyz.groovy. True?
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Re: groovy + java in eclipse rcp
Hi Blaine,

your question is more of general interest rather than specific to the book. Could you please post this to You are also more likely to find RCP experts there. (Don't forget to mentions which RCP you are using: Eclipse, Netbeans, Spring, ...).

I hope you don't mind and thanks for your post