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Hello everyone,

I'm sure I'm coming in here late in the process, but I just wanted to say that (as I'm sure you already know) there is a considerable VB .Net community who would really find this book valuable especially with the new VS 2008 and new LINQ technology.

It might be helpful as well as open a considerable market to you if you were to also include code samples using VB right alongside the current C# samples that you already have. I've seen several books by publishers such as Wrox and other big names that provide both the C# and VB as well so to reach out to both audiences and also to widen their scope of market share.

Hope this helps,
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Re: Code samples in VB.Net?
Hello Paul,

Thank you for your comment.
Please see the thread entitled "VB.NET Feedback On The Story So Far" in this forum:

As you guessed, we're too late in the process to change the approach we have chosen. The book content is ready, and it will be sent for printing really soon now.

Here is what we did:
1) We made sure to include samples in both VB and C# where it's important. This is the case for example in the first chapters, where we demonstrate the new language features in both languages. We want to be sure that everyone understands the basics and gets used to the new syntaxes.
2) The main language used for the samples in the book is C#, but selected samples appear both in VB and in C# where there are important differences between languages. The rest of the time, the samples will be in one language or the other, depending on the features being demonstrated. Some features exist only in one language or the other.
3) The source code download that will accompany the book will contain all the samples in both VB and C#. This ensure that everyone can see all the code in his/her own language.

Let us know what you think. We hope you'll enjoy reading LINQ in Action!

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Re: Code samples in VB.Net?
The complete source code in VB and C# is now available for download. See
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Re: Code samples in VB.Net?

As a stauch supporter and MVP in VB, I made it a point of making sure we would include VB samples in the book when I can onto the project. Almost everything in LINQ and our book can be done in VB or C#. In a number of cases particularly with XML, the VB implementation really shines.

When working on the samples for chapters 6-8, I actually did them in VB first and then translated the harness back to C#. The main differences are minor syntax changes. The core underlying concepts are nearly identical at this point. As such, I hope we have been able to do service to both languages in the book and samples.