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Hi, i'm new in openlaszlo. when i compile the main.lzx file. it states lzmodules/validator_check.lzx:37:64: undefined superclass zipcodevalidator for class checkZipcode

that goes the same problem for chapter 9, 10 , 11, 12

i'm using openlaszlo-4.0.2

can anyone tell me how to fix? it seems that i do not have the file or?

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Re: chapter 7 compilation errors
Yes. Because the Laszlo Market application is being progressively constructed on a chapter by chapter basis, whenever you find a missing file, you need to look at the previous chapters, as this indicates that

In chapter 7, we have provided a zipcode validator and instructions on how to install it within the $LPS_HOME/lps/components/incubator/validators directory. This validator only needs to be installed once and afterwards all applications can access it.

The subsequent chapters depend on having this zipcode validator installed.