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I have a comment on Chapter 8, "The session facade pattern"
You would think that for someone who criticises EJB like the authors of this book do, they would at least have an idea of how to implement a Session bean...
The CaveatEmptorFacadeBean has no ejbCreate() method, and there is no EJBHome for the bean. The example code tries to get the session bean directly from JNDI without using a home!
No service locator pattern recommended either
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Re: EJB Session Beans

Please go and read EJB 3 specs. Home interfaces are gone from the new spec and lots of things like entity being bound ( forever ) are not container managed anymore, so you have no need for DTOs ( and NO i am not talking of value objects anymore ).

I come from EJB 2.1 background, blv me, you'd wanna get a glimpse of EJB 3. it is sweet.

Vyas, Anirudh