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I am learning groovy.
Where ever i tried to look at understand the feature of groovy most of the time it always explains in term of ruby,small talk or python.
Ok may be it has got all feature of these languages or it is competing with these languages....what are the features exactly....can anybody pls explain?

And another is there are already scripting language available for JAVA which are as under.
- Ruby and JRuby
- Bean Scripting Framework (BSF)
- Ruby on Rails

Then why we require another scripting language........what is advantage of groovy in comparison with above languages..what is a need of groovy.

Pls if any body can give satisfactory answer it will be really really helpful..

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Re: Need of groovy

this forum is about the Groovy in Action book. If you have the book, chapter one answers your questions in detail.

If you rather like to discuss not related to that book, please post your questions to user@groovy.codehaus.org.