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Work just picked up iText in Action and I wanted to say it's a great book.

I have a project at work that needs to Generate PDF "letters" on the fly in Visual Studio 2005 .Net and this book has made it very easy to see what functionality I will need to accomplish this when I find the proper ported version to use.

I haven't been able to find a forum specific to iTextSharp/iText.Net and since you mention them in your book, does anyone know here of forums for them and What Version of iText is the newest iTextSharp 4.04 representing especially now that iText 2.0 is out.

Is there any recommendation as which is closer to being up to date with iText 2.0 or recommended one over the other.

Thanks very much!!!
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Re: iText vs iTextSharp
The best place to post questions of iTextSharp is itextsharp-questions@lists.sourceforge.net
You can consult the archives here: http://www.nabble.com/iTextSharp-f4188.html

The most recent iTextSharp version is 4.0.4. It is in sync with iText 2.0.4.
The next version will be released in September.

It is safe to use these versions. The September version will bring a lot of improvements (for instance performance improvements), but you won't need to make any changes to your code if you decide to upgrade.