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I create a PdfpTable with several PdfPCells. The Inner Rows have Cells with dashed Border Lines, the Header and footer Rows have lines Border. I have written a Method, which split my Table over one Page. But if my Table splits between Inner Rows with dashed Border, i want to change the border of these Cells to lines Border. I try to get PDFPCell from my PDFPTable, but I have no access - so I miss a function like:
PdfPCell PdfPTable.getCell(int row, int col)
or: PdfpCell PdfPTable.getRow(int rowNumber).getCell(int column)

I think iText developer have forgotten some getter and setters for PdfPTable Object

Thank you for every regard
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Re: Get PdfPCell from PdfPTabel after adding it
There is no getCell() method for a number of (purely technical) reasons that would need you to have a thorough insight in the iText code to understand. However, it is perfectly possible to achieve what you need. Just create the table WITHOUT any cell borders and add the borders using table events as described in chapter 10.