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egbegb (2) [Avatar] Offline
I seem to be frustrated in my attempts to deai with viables and aliases.
HOME is defined one way in $env:home and another in $home. $home
is wrong, but I can't delete it or change it. Apparently, 'home' is hardwired into
PowerShell. Is this a bug? My %HOME% in the enviroment ($HOME in cygwin)
is the correct value and is embedded in the registry properly. "ls" (ell ess) is another whose aliased definition is not to my liking, but

remove-item alias:ls

worked fine.

I also use the Unix diff command a lot. However, alias:diff seems also to
be hardwired.

Attempts to remove fail:
remove-item variable:home - errs saying 'home' is a constant.
remove-item alias:diff - errs saying 'diff' is a constant.

This seems very antisocial to me. Does anyone on this forum know why this is?

Ed Bradford
Kiron (38) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Readonly and the environment
Set-Variable's -force parameter will replace a ReadOnly variable, if the variable has other options you can replace them through the -option parameter:

$varOption = (Get-Variable HOME).options
Set-Variable -name HOME -value "testing" -option $varOption -force

To remove a ReadOnly alias, use Remove-Item with its -force parameter:

Remove-Item alias:diff -force