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staticnullvoid (4) [Avatar] Offline
I know scriptaculous has some great controls (i.e. auto completer) but is there a website or catalog out there that has a listing of user created controls (i.e. calendar widget and others) built on top of prototype/scriptaculous?
bear.bibeault (675) [Avatar] Offline
Re: control catalog?
You know, that is a great idea! But I'm not aware of one unfortunately. Prehaaps Dave knows of one.

In any case, it'd be a splendid addition to the Scriptaculous site. Perhaps you could suggest it to the site owner.
staticnullvoid (4) [Avatar] Offline
Re: control catalog?
staticnullvoid (4) [Avatar] Offline
Re: control catalog?
Christophe Porteneuve Says:

staticnullvoid: the dev space you’re referring to is huge and a hodge-podge of stuff ranging from despicable to excellent. Prototype will put up a 3rd-party lib page that will be carefully screened and monitored. As for Scripty, every other developer writes some stuff he/she thinks is worthy of attention, but then who can say whether it’s great stuff or absolute crap? Still, Scripty’s current site is a wiki, indeed, so anyone can tweak it: if you’re so inclined, go ahead!
davecrane (149) [Avatar] Offline
Re: control catalog?
Christophe's right - the quality of third-party controls will vary tremendously. Scriptaculous has a fairly solid base, and good test coverage, but not so for stuff out in the wild. Add to that broken links, etc. These issues are endemic with any project that has extension points or a plug-in community of some sort.

Thomas Fuch's take on this (and on looking after scriptaculous in general) is to only include things in the library that the core team have used inthe real world and found to be useful, so they aren't aiming for a comprehensive widget set. If you're looking for that, you could try the Ext library, which plays nicely with prototype and scriptaculous, but you'll notice the extra weight.

Other than that, the closest to the catalog page that you're looking for is the Extensions page on the wiki: