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refchamp (1) [Avatar] Offline
Hello I am a novice powershell user and I wanted to know if there is a way to change the admin password of remote machines using the poweshell scripts. Does anybody know where I can find one or a similar script that can be tweaked to perform this task?
kryten (2) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Change remote password with powershell
I needed to do the same thing and Brandon Shell over on the PS newsgroup supplied the guts of a script that works fine. I've modded it a bit, but here it is:-


function Invoke-ResetPassword{

# if $server is "" then assume that it's the local computer thats to be used
# so read the environmental table to get the computername
# this should not be the case when used by TST VOICE to change Application servers.
If(!($server)){$server = get-content env:COMPUTERNAME}

$dePath = "WinNT://$server/$user,user"
# if the -auth switch is ON (Which it will be!) collect the following extra information into the
# variables specified.

$lUser = Read-Host "Enter username of the account to be used to authenticate you on the remote server:-"
$lPassword = Read-Host "Enter the password for this account"
$myuser = new-Object System.DirectoryServices.DirectoryEntry($dePath,$lUser,$lPassword)
# If -auth is not specified......this should not happen though.
$myuser = new-Object System.DirectoryServices.DirectoryEntry($dePath)

# now do this:-

if($?){Write-Host "Password Reset Successful!"}
else{Write-Host "Reset Failed"}

# clear the screen

# collect the servername
$servname = Read-Host "Enter the computername of the server:-"
# collect the remote account username
$accountname = Read-Host "Enter the username of the remote account:-"
# collect the new password
$newpass = Read-Host "Enter the new password for this account:-"

# invoke the function from the top passing the arguments collected above with the authorisation switch ON
Invoke-ResetPassword -user $accountname -password $newpass -server $servname -auth


I'm really not sure that this bulletin board is the best place for technical questions as I've asked some already and with over 200+ views no-one replied! Maybe this is designed to talk about the book only?

Anyhow, hope the script helps!