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AjaxNewbie (1) [Avatar] Offline
My questions may seem too trivial since I am very new to JavaScript/DHTML/AJAX but have been programming a while in JAVA.

We are trying to incorporate the AJAX form validation into our code. We have plenty of HTML form that can benefit from this approach. Where the user is not allowed to submit the form untill all the errors are gone.

A popular form field that appears across all our forms are Address Validation specially City/State/Zip.

Since the form field validation in all our forms has the same kind of pattern going on -
a) Validate on the fly,
b) The empty div next to the form field gets populates with red or green error message based on bad or good result respectively
c) Disable the form submit button in case of error

So if we write a javascript file say ajaxvalidation.js that encapsulates the AJAX interaction given the emptyDivToWrite, ButtonToDisable, FormFieldToCheck as parameters to the validateField() method in the javascript we can reuse the same script file across all form fields and we do not have to cut-paste everytime to each form we come up with.

Can you please let us know if the approach above works fine if we want to reuse the code instead of rewriting the ajax form validation javascript in each HTML form page?

Thanks in advance,

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Pascarello (208) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Ajax Form Validation
It is better to generate a method that is reusable than hardcoding values.

If you have multiple validations on the same page that use this code, make sure you make it OO so you can have it fire off multiple requests without interering with the others.