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I had problems compiling the source code for chapter 7. This might possibly be because I am running Laszlo in a Windows environment. Anyway, I got it working by changing library.lzx as shown below. If you use this code please read the comments and make any necessary changes. Please also note that I am new to the Laszlo environment, so there may be better ways of doing it.

<!-- The exact paths for the first two includes will vary according <br /> to where you have extracted the source code to. <br /> -->
<include href="./../../../lps/components/incubator/formlayout.lzx"/>
<include href="./../../../lps/components/incubator/validators/"/>

<!-- The basevalidator comes in from the above include, so the <br /> <include href="basevalidator.lzx"> in zipcodevalidator.lzx <br /> needs to be commented out. <br /> /> -->

<include href="./../validators/zipcodevalidator.lzx"/>
<include href="lzmodules/gController.lzx"/>
<include href="lzmodules/validator_check.lzx"/>
<include href="lzmodules/checkout.lzx"/>
<include href="lzmodules/graybox.lzx"/>
<include href="lzmodules/shippinginfo.lzx"/>
<include href="lzmodules/billinginfo.lzx"/>
<include href="lzmodules/orderconfirm.lzx"/>