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I have two table.ops_rsn and ops_flt_leg

ops_rsn has one composite primary key consisting of six columns.There is no referential integrety established at back end between ops_flt_leg and ops_rsn table.I need to write a query with a outer join between two tables on column ops_flt_leg.irrops_rsn_cd=ops_rsn.rsn_cd.

Hibernate is not supporting oracle (+) sign of making outer join.
Apart from this it is also not supporting hql version following code
select * FROM ops_rsn left outer join Ops_Flt_Leg
on ops_flt_leg.irrops_rsn_cd=ops_rsn.rsn_cd

There is no relationship established in XML of the two table either.

pls help me how to make relationship
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Re: Unable to make relationship between two table object
Better you change in db table. Having composite primary keys is not a good idea at all. Better to make that composite primary key unique and create one more column as primary key.
In my opinion it would be a good practice