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jvshore (2) [Avatar] Offline
I have created a WCF service (nt service) using C++/CLI. Basically I am having clients pass an xml string to the service, which identifies the object and method of an ATL component. All of the ATL components expose the same interface (call it IGeneric), which derives from IDispatch. When the service retrieves the xml string from the client, it loads the specific component and calls the specified method on the component, using a process similar to scripting clients via dispid. First of all, is this possible in C++/CLI, and if so, how do I load a IDispatch interface from an external ATL component and call its method via its dispid, as scripting client do (.asp -> atl component)?
Nish (16) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Loading IDispatch interface of ATL component from WCF service
Hello JvShore

What you are trying to do has nothing specifically to do with C++/CLI. You can do what you'd do with regular unmanaged C++. Use CoCreateInstance and then once you have the IDispatch, use Invoke passing the dispid of the method you are attempting to invoke.