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Currently I am evaluating both Laszlo and Flex... and so far, the major disadvantage of Flex for me is price... and the major disadvantage for Laszlo is the lack of books and real world data driven examples... sadly the struts chapters of this book are not available... (so I guess I'll have to go the Flex way)
But, I think Laszlo is a really great technology, and I am still hoping I can find a good example (with data handling, authentication and authorization) somewere in internet...
I dont know why there isn't any project like Granite Data Services or Cairngorm for Laszlo... I feel that kind of projects are needed to boost the adoption of Laszlo (i fell that until this books is released, going the Laszlo way is pretty much being on you own if you application is a data-driven one... do you agree?)
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Re: Laszlo vs Flex: I need examples & books!!!!!!
Hopefully our book will help rectify the shortage of material addressing real world data driven examples for Laszlo. We have just turned in the chapters (10 through 12) dealing with all of the various data elements and datasets to Manning. They should be available through MEAP soon. They are a pre-requisite to the chapters for dealing with web servers. These chapters also discuss the benefits of working with local datasets. This allows the client and server side development groups to work independently for as long as possible. This development methodology results in a simpler and faster development cycle.

Long story short. Not having access to the Struts chapter shouldn't be an obstacle to your Laszlo development efforts. Significant development can occur using local datasets. This is not a valid reason for determining to go in one technological direction (Flex vs. Laszlo) or another. Of course, this doesn't hold if your Laszlo application is completed and only needs to be interfaced to an HTTP server.

We are also juggling our writing schedule to ensure that these chapters: Working with Web Servers, Struts, and Working with Large Datasets chapters are next released to MEAP. It's funny, when our manuscript was being reviewed, almost all of the reviewers asked "why cover Struts? Its old, obsolete and nobody uses it? You should instead cover [Name your favorite hot server technology here]". Fortunately, we stood our ground and said that Struts had to be covered.

Thanks for your patience,

Norman Klein