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It would be nice, if this book could include some information on how to interact safely with SOA Services (something like how to put Laszlo on top of http://www.manning.com/kanneganti/)
Would it include something about that?
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Re: SOA Security
Sorry that isn't within the book's scope. There are so many worthy topics that we had to draw the line somewhere. We could have easily written a 1000 page book just covering core issues. Every day I have to cut out relevant material (such as dealing with Flash cookies) to bring the book down to a more manageable size. Since this is the first book on Laszlo it needs to focus on the Laszlo LZX language fundamentals and applying them to a real-world application. Hopefully by providing readers with solid Laszlo fundamentals, they won't find dealing with these tangential topics to be overly difficult.

- Norman Klein