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I have downloaded aspectj1.5.3 and installed in my system.I have set the path as well as class path,but when i tried to run the program i am getting an error .Can any one help me to resolve this problem.
steps which i followed are cited below
class Test{

public void helloWorld(){
System.out.println("Hello world");

public static void main(String args[]){
Test test= new Test();
public aspect TestAspect{
pointcut outputLog():call(public void helloWorld());
before() : outputLog(){
System.out.println("Before call");

3. i compiled ajc

pls help me

Thanks in advance
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Re: how to run dis aspectj program
Works fine with me. What kind of error do you get?
And why don't you try an IDE like eclipse to make your life easier.
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Re: how to run dis aspectj program
k thanks i will try with eclipse IDE