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I thought the whole reason for this was so we can get a early version of whats available. Whats taking so long to post the chapters???
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Re: Where are the chapters???????
Chapters 7 through 10 should be available within the next few days. They have been submitted to Manning and are in the process of being made available.

Shortly afterwards, chapters 11, 12 and possibly 13 will be made available.

But there will be a indefinite delay for the subsequent chapters. Remember the official Laszlo 4.0 release still isn't available yet. Although its current release is labeled"beta", it isn't feature complete. Laszlo 4.0 is a major release. Judging by past experience with major releases from both open source and commercial vendors, it should be expected (and permitted) to be initially bumpy until it has an opportunity to shake down. This shake down will probably consist of both significant bug fixes and API changes.

It is much better to be a bit tardy, rather than to jump the gun and have to apologize later when the ground changes beneath us.

Thanks, Norman Klein
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Re: Where are the chapters???????
Now that Laszlo 4.0 final has shipped can we expect the remaining chapters will be available through MEAP shortly?