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Farsen (1) [Avatar] Offline

I dont think anybody will answer this, since the last post is from july last year! But´I´ll give it a try anyways.

Ive set up Eclipse to run with junit, xerces an ant. And it works fine.
I compile and run the server in chapter 8. Then i open up a telnet connction (putty), start the stream, register a new user, auth with the new user, and set my presence to available. I do this whith two different users/connections, and it works fine with the server.
But when i try to send a message between the 2 users, it gives me this error on the server console:

15:29:57:415 [PQ] <message from='' to=''> <subject> Hello there</subject> <body> You there?</body> </message>
15:29:57:415 QueueThread: java.lang.NullPointerException

15:29:57:415 QueueThread: at com.metamech.vorpal.MessageHandler.notify(

15:29:57:415 QueueThread: at

On line 48 in the messagehandler, it says:
if (packet.getAttribute("type").equals("groupchat")){

And line 63 in the queuethread it just says:

I aint no expert in java, but i really cant figure out what the problem is...

Hope someone sees this and cant figure it out..
Thanks smilie
PoLe (3) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Chp8 server MessageHandler problem

You have been lucky, There is still someone who is looking at this forums!

I'm developing a jabber server as my software engineering project and i'm using shigeoka's book as reference.

Anyway, the problem is that you are trying to access to a null object. Why? because if you send normal messages (without the groupchat tag) you get a null object and the program crashes. To fix it just do some basic error checking:

packet.setFrom(packet.getSession().getJID().toString()); //anti-spoofing
String attribute = packet.getAttribute("type");
if (attribute != null && attribute.equals("groupchat")){ //error checking

I hope it helps, have a good day,