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greds (1) [Avatar] Offline

Could you please provide the User Interface code for any of the examples in your book?. I know UI design is out of the scope of the book. However, It would be easier to understand how to connect UI with bussines model that way.

Best Regards.
simbo1905 (30) [Avatar] Offline
Re: UI for FoodToGo or Bank examples?
There is a simple UI written in the ZK web framework just for a stripped down use case of editing restaurants

If Chris provided a UI for FoodToGo then he would have to pick a web framework or a windowing framework. Which of them should he choose? ZK, Grails, Apache Tapestry, JSF, Struts, Swing, SWT, ...

I think that it is better that people evaluate a web framework and look at it's Spring integration to see how to get a hold of a Pojo Facade from inside the web application. Then it is down to the best practices of the chosen framework how to manage the conversational state and screen flows and there are many books going into these matters.

In all frameworks it is a simple matter to load/build/keep the Pojo model in the session then pass it to the Facade to save when the user want to save his changes to the database. The details of what screens need to be built and how the screen flows work are something that should be worked out with the users of the application going from the use cases.