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Liston (4) [Avatar] Offline

My Employee Sales Tabular report (chapter 4) wouldn't work until I associated the detail line (which displays Fields!ProductSubCategory.value, etc.) data property with a "Grouping" set to "Group on:" Fields!ProductSubCategory.value. Now that it's set, I can't break the association, but the detail line in the sample isn't associated with a group. Note the SQL statement returns one line for each PSC.ProductSubCategoryID - so how do I clear this redundancy?

Thanks, Liston
bretupdegraff (4) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Cpt. 4 - Employee Sales Tabular

Glad you found the script for the stored procedure. I thought the book referenced that script in the setup.

I am not sure why your report is not running. You should not have to make any changes. The detail row should not have a grouping set. Have you tried re-downloading the code and starting over?
If you continue to have trouble let me know the first error you receive (Before changing the report)

Liston (4) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Cpt. 4 - Employee Sales Tabular
Thanks for getting back to me...

I have since gone back and recreated the report, and you're right, the detail row doesn't need to be associated with a group. Thing is, the download worked, but mine didn't; at least until I grouped the detail row on Fields!ProductSubCategory.Value. I think this may be related to the sequence of operations I used to layout the table; the document outline helps, as does the escape key, but there seem to be hierarchical relationships between objects which are not revealed by any of the window views. Although the new copy works, at this point I can't remove the inner group from my older version.

Also, putting this aside and continuing on in the book helped a lot.

Thanks, Liston
Liston (4) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Cpt. 4 - Employee Sales Tabular
In fact the key to doing this report is to drag a table from the toolbox onto the layout surface, right click on a column header, and insert a column, giving you a four column table. Then add your two group and one detail rows, and delete the extras at the bottom (group rows come in pairs). Then right click on the top right cell, hold the shift key down, and right click on the cell next to it, and use merge cells to get three across the top row, and again to get three across the first of the two group rows.

The important part seems to be to add a column to the table as a whole, and merge cells where necessary, rather than to try to add a column to a subset of the rows in the table.

Hope this helps... Liston