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21 Nov 2006

I get the following when running ant build. It's the Hello World. I can compile OK using the javac command approach. However, in trying the same with ch10, 10.2 banking example, I need the build to work:

CsmilieataAspectJaspectjinactionch02section2.2>ant build
Buildfile: build.xml

CsmilieataAspectJaspectjinactionch02section2.2uild.xml:4: taskdef class cannot be found

Total time: 5 seconds
I have installed all the latest tools and packages & set up the appropriate environment vars. I am using aspectj 1.5, and j2sdk1.4.2_12, & apache-ant-1.6.5.
Apparently the environment, tools, resources are incomplete somewhere. Can you suggest a few things to look for? The build module is basically unable to function.
Thanks, DB
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Re: Have problem getting started
I am replying to my own question, since I solved the problem by including aspectjtools.jar in the CLASSPATH as instructed by Mr. Laddad's readme.