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annaajax (8) [Avatar] Offline
Ajax an action was an extraordinary book for me I lear not only ajax but fundamentals notion that normal are ignored in the common book about web scripting language.
After Iread this book I try many ajax framework including yahoo library, but in my humble opinion, the best of them, that respect all the principles that authors takung about the observer pattern the command pattern and adds this have a very good and compreshive help system is ADOBE SPRY !
Work like a champ it is keep simple but wuth all the necesary methods like sorting and filtering for example.
Sirry for my english I'm Romanian but I.m so enthusiastic with SPRY that I want to write this notice
Adobe it is once again -the best!!
kurinosuke (156) [Avatar] Offline
Re: A new framework for ajax
Thanks for sharing !
annaajax (8) [Avatar] Offline
Re: A new framework for ajax
Because nobody given a serious reply to my first message and because I note that due to the fact that Adobe says - SPRY is a AJAX proposal for graphic designers- many believes that SPRY does not have much to offer to the programmers I consider that it is necessary to add some explanations:
Because I belive the contrary-
Indeed so that it is developed for a graphic designers the program is internally more rigorous and more correct than many others Adobe try to offer a complete set of methods for manipulate data and not insist so much for the effects and other artifices.
• new Spry.Data.XMLDataSet("/xmlfile.xml", "/xpath/path");
• dsObj.setURL(/xmlfile.xml);
• dsObj.loadData()
• Distinct function: dsObj.distinct();
• Filter function: dsObj.filterData(Func);
• Current Row: .setCurrentRowNumber(5);
• Sort Function: dsObj.sort(column);

A complete documentation program download, articles demos here:
In addition the language of spry intended to be very similar with flex and flash according to the general effort of ADOBE to unify these scripting languages that all emerging from the ECMA Script standard
(The apreciacion about flash technology was the only think that I disagree in "Ajax in action" smilie
Concerning the ECMA script Flash and Ajax this a very interesting article here:
(Also due to the fact that is developed by ADOBE the owner of Macromedia Flash now (the flash success was due to the fact that within it player it is independent of platform) SPRY is one of the libraries compatible with many modern browsers.
I choose this framework because it seemed to me interesting and unique between many other s Ajax frameworks.
But it also has disadvantages:
The files I am very great Due to the fact that the functions are methods of an object it is not always so easy to make flexible and to use one of them without concerning the standard syntax of Spry: region that ADOBE propose. ( But some examples- already exists patch that allows you to read a JSON file directly and can also be loaded text and html files using the response.Text method: (Spry.Utils.loadURL (method, URL) .xhRequest.responseText; )
Also other tricks can be used but in my opinion it is necessary have patience and good knowledge
I know that exist many libraries for Ajax the most famous it is prototype. But despite of its disadvantages SPRY it is my election due to it unique concept, to the fact that respect much the company; especially after reading the news on the Tamarin project.
Because my English can be difficult to understand I adds an excerpt about SPRY from an Internet Blog
(Sorry I don’t remember the link )
Spry is one of the most unusual frameworks developed to date. It uses Adobe's Cold Fusion as a model for the page syntax, but unlike Cold Fusion, Spry uses its own namespace to declare XHTML tags within the body of the HTML itself. The Spry framework JavaScript files parse the Spry tags and run the Ajax and DHTML effects calls. Also unusual, but hardly unique, is Adobe's strict reliance on XML as the data source. Through XML and the client-side command tags, Spry is able to achieve remarkable results in dealing with database content and developing dynamic, Ajax-driven web pages. Spry was only pre-released in May 2006 and is still in the early stages of development, but all the demos I've tried so far have worked equally well in all browsers on both Mac OS X and Windows.
The Spry framework now has a rich set of demos, including a full suite of effects in the style, as well as decent documentation, some excellent tutorials, and some additional demo-like "samples." Spry has its own widget framework, which is likewise explained in detail, including a full writeup on the Spry Accordion widget. All in all, this is a very impressive new choice for Web 2.0 developers who want to build rich Ajax-enabled interfaces that work identically across browsers and platforms .>>
Pascarello (208) [Avatar] Offline
Re: A new framework for ajax
Most people that integrate JavaScript with Flash are using Flex 2.0

I have not heard anyone promoting SPRY, even the Adobe guys at the Ajax Conferences.

annaajax (8) [Avatar] Offline
Re: A new framework for ajax
Thank you for answering
I'am convinced that you are right but this could be due to the different target audience, it is not?
Flex it is for java developers and Spry it is a framework for Ajaxin java script (and I suppose that for a java developer JS it is like a humble servant : ) and adds this it is developed for web designers (no especially for programmers ) ”that provides functionality that allows designers to build pages that provide a richer experience for their users. It is designed to bring Ajax to the web design community who can benefit from Ajax, but are not well served by other frameworks.”
Pascarello (208) [Avatar] Offline
Re: A new framework for ajax
Flex is not just for Java Developers.

annaajax (8) [Avatar] Offline
Re: A new framework for ajax
Thank you for Information!