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emdeboas (7) [Avatar] Offline
This is a really nice comparison between the various ways you can use Ajax to communicate between client and server!

There is a small bug in the final listing for images_datacentric.js (listing 3.4)
At the top this line should be added:
var data={};
Otherwise you will pull your hair out why it does not work.

Again, I would like to complain about the crude PHP code shown in images.php. A shorter, and clearer piece of code would be:

<?php <br /> header("Content-type: text/xml; charset=utf-8"smilie;
require ('');
echo "<gallery path="$path" pre="$img_pre_path">";
echo "<folders>
foreach ($subdirs as $i => $value) {
echo "<folder>$value</folder>
echo "</folders>
echo "<images>
foreach ($imgs as $i => $value) {
echo "<image>$value</image>
echo "</images>
echo '</gallery>';

In a real production environment you would of course use one of the nice XML handling functions of PHP, but I agree that this is outside the scope of this chapter, although worth mentioning.