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rualatngua (1) [Avatar] Offline
Hi all!

(In my case) When user change PendingOrder' address or time and add pending order's line items, which following method will be exposed to client:
1/ PlaceOrderFacade.update(Integer pendingOrderId, String address, Date time, LineItem[] lineItem)
2/ PlaceOrderFacade.update(PendingOrder pendingOrder, LineItem[] lineItem)

I like option #2 but client must be load PendingOrder and Facade detache it before time or address is set to detached PendingOrder object.

PS: English is not my mother language so I cann't explain my problems well.
ceracm (110) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Update detach object using POJO facade
You could just use:

PlaceOrderFacade.update(PendingOrder pendingOrder)

The facade's client just updates the line items in the PendingOrder directly.

Yes, you need to load all parts of the PendingOrder that the client needs but it definitely can simplify the code.