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flam70 (4) [Avatar] Offline

i'am working on a project and i try to use your global approach : presentation, facade, service, domain , dao and so on.
Actually, i am working on the analysis phase. So i wonder if i have to take into account at this step objects like services, dao(s) and facades or if it is the role of the design phase to deal with such objects.
For example, if i have well understood, a service = a use case. Or , identifying use cases is one of the main goal that analysis have to deal with. So i am a little confused about where to put services : analysis or design. And for facades and dao(s) it is the same issue : analysis or design.

I hope i am clear because english is not my first language.
Thanks for helping me.
ceracm (113) [Avatar] Offline
Re: services : pb of analysis or design
Hmmm... depends on what you mean by analysis and design smilie.

One definition:

* analysis = understanding the problem domain. ie. building a model of the domain. The vocabulary here should be things the business people understand. Perhaps services and repositories but not facades or DAOs.

* Design = coming up with the solution, i.e. technical stuff. facades and daos sound like design things, i.e. not things the business people understand.

I hope this helps.