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AssemblyInfo file vs. Windows Properties->Version
On page 43 of the 2nd edition, the AssemblyInfo attributes are covered, along with a mention of the Version tab of a program's Properties under Windows Explorer. Unfortunately, there isn't a complete one-to-one match between VS and Windows Explorer. For instance:

VS AssemblyInfo attribute -> Windows Explorer Properties/Version tab
AssemblyTitle -> Description
AssemblyDescription -> Comments

That is, VS "Title" maps to Windows Explorer "Description" and VS "Description" maps to Windows Explorer "Comments." Perhaps this was due to an oversight on the part of the VS team. Do you have a contact at Microsoft to query about this?

BTW, there is a typo on page 43: the sentence preceding section 2.2 is missing a "to": "Sit back in your chair to savor your accomplishment, and move on _to_ section 2.2 when ready to add some controls." Also: consider "when _you're_ ready" instead of "when ready."