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In a sample I've read(Beginning JavaScript with DOM Scripting and Ajax), it is stated that DHTML, or Dynamic HTML, was never a real technology or World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) standard,
merely a term invented by marketing and advertising agencies. In brief, it's bad, and DOM scripting should be used instead.

In Ajax in Action, page 369 (10.3), I read "...and a good amount of DHTML".
So we're using DHTML, a forbidden word smilie
In fact, I'm a bit confused about words like XHTML, DHTML, DOM...
So many words, so many specs, I can't find the right spec when I'm looking for something...

From what I think it is :
- XHTML : HTML in pure XML format
- DHTML : dynamic html, accessing elements like document.forms[0].myselect
- DOM : document object model, accessing elements with getElementById

Could anybody bring me some light about this ? That DHTML thing is puzzling me.