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JohnJPS (6) [Avatar] Offline
I saw your talk at EclipseWorld and was very impressed; I now have the book, well-written, and am looking at using some for a performance logging aspect... since we don't want to just have it on or off for everything, I'd like to deliver a solution wherein developers can designate a method using a dummy annotation, e.g. in the application:

public void someMethod(args) { ... }

then my aspect will pick things up from there:

package com.blah.logging.aspects;
public abstract aspect PerformanceLoggingAspect {
pointcut performanceLoggedObjects : execution(????);
public abstract Logger getLogger();
Object around() : performanceLoggedObjects() {
getLogger().perf(thisJoinPointStaticPart.toLongString() + ": PerformanceLog-entrance");
Object ret = proceed();
getLogger().perf(thisJoinPointStaticPart.toLongString() + ": PerformanceLog-exit");
return ret;

I think the overall idea is pretty straightforward but I don't know how to properly define the pointcut so that it targets just methods that are so annotated. Comments/tips/hints appreciated. Thanks.
JohnJPS (6) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Using annotations in target for a pointcut
To answer my own question:

public pointcut perfLoggedOps() : execution(@LogPerformance * * (..));

(although eclipse still gives me an error on that line under the final semicolon:
"Syntax error on token ";", Type expected after this token") I suspect I'll figure that one out soon enough.

I should reference your article here, since that's where I found a ton of good info on just this kind of stuff:

ramnivas (171) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Using annotations in target for a pointcut

Thanks for attending my EclipseWorld talk.

I just tried your pointcut; it seems to work just fine. Let me know if you are still facing that problem.

JohnJPS (6) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Using annotations in target for a pointcut
The warning had to do with some code following the pointcut statement that needed a return type specification. I found a bug report for ajc for just this issue, to make it warn about the following function rather than the pointcut; but based on the bug report details I was able to figure it out.