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I'm beginning to go through the Japanese edition, and was wondering if it's relevant to post listing errata? Or perhaps have these mistakes been introduced during the translation process?

Here's what I found for chapter 2. (Page numbers will probably be irrelevant.)

Listing 2.3 (p.50)
- Misses </html>
Listing 2.9 (p.61)
- xRequesr should be xRequest
Listing 2.10 (p.64)
- Misses,url,true);
Listing 2.11 (p.66)
- function onReadyState() should be onReadyStateChange();

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Re: Code errata in Japanese edition
My two yen remark.
I've stopped reading Japanese editions of programming books because I've found that there were often more errors in the translation version smilie As original edition is not more expensive when buying online, I always for the original now.
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Re: Code errata in Japanese edition
Indeed, I agree the original is always the best! If it wasn't that my company was paying for the book, I'd have picked the original. smilie