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jph98 (1) [Avatar] Offline
I'm amazed, this is possibly one of the most erroneous books I've ever owned. I bought this in order to prepare for the sun certified web component developers exam and have really just given up using this book because it is so unreliable in terms of errors. The practice questions in each chapter have mistakes and even give the wrong answers. The errata on the website is not up to date, I can count many more mistakes on top of this. The author has also managed to introduce mistakes between the first edition and this edition ?!?!?!? How I don't know, some of the mistakes are glaringly obvious! I've bought certification books in the past and accept that there are a few mistakes, I generally follow the errata on the books website, this however is unforgiveable and a complete waste of money if your thinking of buying it. Do yourself a favour and spend your money on a more worthwhile book, failing that read the Sun specifications.
arl52 (2) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Mistakes mistakes mistakes
Tell me about it! I bought the most recent version of this book. I assumed that, because it was revised and updated, most of the mistakes would have been found. But no! There are even more mistakes than the first version. In some cases, mistakes have been made whilst correcting the mistakes!

Personally I think that is unforgiveable. Its not easy to learn something when what you are learning is wrong. Something tells me that Sun exam doesn't have a Manning-factor that accounts for their bad publishing.

Don't buy it. There's loads of books out there, get one of those, ANY of those, just not this one.
arl52 (2) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Mistakes mistakes mistakes
I should also add that I emailed Manning to complain about this weeks ago. I have had no reply whatsoever. It seems that their customer service is as bad as their publishing