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Clab (3) [Avatar] Offline
Hello Mr. Lachev,
I do change connstring programmatically (before load report) in my reports RS2005.
There are my test case executed:

1) I tried using report specific connection:
<ConnectString>="Data Source=.IS2009;Initial Catalog=" & Parameters!Database.Value</ConnectString>

It works but I don't satisfied, because I can't pass pwd and userid into URL as parameters.

2) Exist a possibility to switch from "Shared DataSource 1" to "Shared Data Source 2" at execution time ?

3) Another case is using Custom Data Extension.
For write my CDE, I started from your DsConnectionWrapper class (include in CDE sample), but what I do write into CreateCommand method?
My reports using all Stored Procedure, and it's works perfectly; I can't change mode of retrieve data, I do change only connection string.

Many Thank's

Best regards
tlachev (687) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Change connection string RS2005
1) Altought not officially supported, you can store the user credentials in the Report Server web.config file. This download shows how this could be implemented.

2) No. Expressions must be scoped at report level, hence only private data sources can have expression-based connection strings.

3) This the most involved approach which I'd consider last. In this case, you replace the RS data provider with your own. So, the command text could be the stored procedure name but you have to write logic to execute the stored procedure and fetch the results. Besides, you will run into security issues. So, try 1) instead.
Clab (3) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Change connection string RS2005
Thank you, mr. Lachev.
abhi_9704 (1) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Change connection string RS2005
how to change and read all name in connection string section of webconfig file