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I am using RS2000.
Can I Localize the parameter prompt of report. I want the prompt strings to be taken from my satellite assembly where I will have localized strings for locales I am supporting in my reports.
MSRS itself localize the string “Select a Value” for the report parameters combo box, but the prompt for the report parameter also need to be localized. These prompts always appear in English. This appears to be half localized report. How can I make it consistent to show prompts as per the users browser locale?

Thanks for any kind of help on this problem

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Re: Localization of Parameter Prompt
If not in RS2000 Can I localize the parameter prompt in RS 2005?
Can i write expressions for the Report prompt in RS 2005 if not in RS 2000?

Please help.
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Re: Localization of Parameter Prompt
The answer is maybe. If you are talking about the Report Manager, you can't localize because the Report Manager viewer is not customizable. However, if this is a custom application and use RS 2005, you can suppress the paremeter prompt in the report viewer with your own "localized" parameter control.
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Re: Localization of Parameter Prompt
Hi Teo,

Thanks for the Reply.
We are using Report Manager as the web application for managing the reports, for all on demand reports, for scheduling reports etc.
The Report Manager application provided by the Reporting Service suffices all our needs except for localization of prompts. Writing a custom web application, similar to reporting services report manager will be project in itself.

The other way of localizing the parameter prompts would be creating individual language report rdl for various languages we are supporting for each an every report.

What do you suggest?

Any idea, will Microsoft starting providing expression for Report parameter prompts? I tried with RS2005 SP1 also but still expressions are not allowed for Parameter prompts.

Thanks and Regards,
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Re: Localization of Parameter Prompt
Given your requirements, the only workaround I can think of is to create separate localized report definitions. I am not sure if localized parameter prompts will be supported in RS.NEXT. Please use the MSDN Product Feedback center to add this feature to the wish list.
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Re: Localization of Parameter Prompt
My two cents:

I think Microsoft will never implement expressions for parameter prompts as these expression will almost always be based on another parameter and this creates a circular reference.

A possible solution is to provide report links to your report for every language you support prompts.

The parameter prompts can be changed in a linked report, leaving all other parameter values alone.

Report.EN.rdl (report)
Report.FR.rdl (link)
Report.NL.rdl (link)

Far from ideal, but works like a charm...
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how to change .rdl to .fr.rdl extension.