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manoj_chaudhari (12) [Avatar] Offline

I am creating reports that can be requested by international users. For all the strings been displayed on the reports I am using satellite assembly to show localized strings. This is working fine.

As per what i read from the book “Microsoft reporting services in action” section 5.6.1 Report Localization basics, date, numbers can use culture-neutral formatting.
Now I have a textbox which shows a long date. In the format field I have specified “D”. Now if the date is 14 june 06 this text box shows “Wednesday, June 14, 2006” if my browsers locale is EN. But when I change the browser locale to FR then also the textbox shows “Wednesday, June 14, 2006” and NOT “mercredi 14 juin 2006” (French format of long date).

Other part of my reports show proper French strings from the satellite assembly. I am also printing User.Language which shows “FR-fr”.

What I am missing out here. Am I missing some property setting? OR my expectation of seeing a French format of long date is wrong?
I have checked the Language property of the textbox its “Default”.

I am using RS2000.

Thanks in advance for any kind of help for this issue.


PS: I also have a chart(bar graph) in the report where dates are on X axis there also I am using the format “D” for date. There also I am not able to see French format of date
tlachev (687) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Culture neutral formatting for date not working
It sounds like the Report.Language property is not explicitly specified and the report server is running in an en-US environment.

Note: there was a behavior change in RS 2005: If you do not set a language, the server language determines the formats that are used.
In RS 2000 however, if you do not set a language, the client language will be used by default.

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