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michaell (2) [Avatar] Offline
Another problem has been occurred at Chapter 11 Ibatis.
I have no idea about why the test has been failed.

Please advise!

Test set: net.chrisrichardson.foodToGo.viewOrdersTransactionScripts.dao.OrderDAOIBatisImplTests
Tests run: 1, Failures: 0, Errors: 1, Skipped: 0, Time elapsed: 3.656 sec <<< FAILURE!
testFindOrdersWithoutRonum(net.chrisrichardson.foodToGo.viewOrdersTransactionScripts.dao.OrderDAOIBatisImplTests) Time elapsed: 3.475 sec <<< ERROR!
com.ibatis.sqlmap.client.SqlMapException: There is no statement named findOrders in this SqlMap.
at com.ibatis.sqlmap.engine.impl.SqlMapExecutorDelegate.getMappedStatement(
at com.ibatis.sqlmap.engine.impl.SqlMapExecutorDelegate.queryForList(
at com.ibatis.sqlmap.engine.impl.SqlMapSessionImpl.queryForList(
at com.ibatis.sqlmap.engine.impl.SqlMapClientImpl.queryForList(
at org.springframework.orm.ibatis.SqlMapClientTemplate$4.doInSqlMapClient(
at org.springframework.orm.ibatis.SqlMapClientTemplate.execute(
at org.springframework.orm.ibatis.SqlMapClientTemplate.executeWithListResult(
at org.springframework.orm.ibatis.SqlMapClientTemplate.queryForList(
at net.chrisrichardson.foodToGo.viewOrdersTransactionScripts.dao.OrderDAOIBatisImpl.findOrdersInlineWithoutRownum(
at net.chrisrichardson.foodToGo.viewOrdersTransactionScripts.dao.OrderDAOIBatisImplTests.testFindOrdersWithoutRonum(
michaell (2) [Avatar] Offline
Re: test failure at Ch 11 Ibatis
I have resolved the problem.
I have run the "mvn install" at every sub folders of each chapters.
Then the build and test has been successfully done.
I don't know why...
By the way, I am trying to make an eclipse project and am trying to test with IBM RAD6.

ceracm (113) [Avatar] Offline
Re: test failure at Ch 11 Ibatis

You should be able to just run 'mvn install' in the top level.

I guess I would do a 'mvn install clean' and see what happens.
If the individual installs succeeded I would expect the top-level to do so also.
To debug the problem I would need to see what tests failed - what is in the target/surefire-reports directories.
Did you set MAVEN_OPTS to increase the heap size?

ceracm (113) [Avatar] Offline
Re: test failure at Ch 11 Ibatis
To create the eclipse projects just run 'mvn eclipse:eclipse' at the top-level.
That will create eclipse projects in the subdirs.

foreverman (4) [Avatar] Offline
Re: test failure at Ch 11 Ibatis
This error occurs in module "pia-ch-11-queries-ibatis". it seems that it loads sqlMap-config.xml in module "pia-ch-09-transaction-scripts" instead of its own because it depends on module "pia-ch-09-transaction-scripts". So it can't find corresponding sql map
queries. (i don't know why this problem doesn't exist when i run command "mvn install" in directory "pia-ch-11-queries-ibatis").

The same problem does exist in module "pia-ch-12-concurrency-transaction-script".

My solution: rename sqlMap-config.xml to another name such as sqlMap-config_09.xml
in directory "pia-ch-09-transaction-scriptssrcmain esources", then modify "place-order-ibatis-config.xml" and "place-order-ibatis-dao.xml" to point to new sqlMap file name:sqlMap-config_09.xml. So module "pia-ch-12-concurrency-transaction-script" and module "pia-ch-11-queries-ibatis" will never load sqlMap-config.xml in module "pia-ch-09-transaction-scripts".
Hope this can help.