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Hello All:

I am trying to automate in-container testing using ant integration using Cactus.
I downloaded jakarta-cactus-13-1.7. and running sample servlet application. When I run build ("ant dist") it compiles, cactifies and during testing it hangs to open tomcat and I get error message:

Failed to start the container after more than [180000] ms. Trying to connect to the [http://localhost:8080/cactus-sample-servlet-cactified/ServletRedirector?Cactus_Service=RUN_TEST]

I am using
JAVA_HOME=Csmilierogram FilesJavajdk1.5.0_06


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Re: Cactus -Ant Integration: Build failed to start the container (tomcat)
I was using tomcat tomcat-5.5.11, when I changed to tomcat-5.0.4.. It worked.
Is there issue with deploy on tomcat-5.5.11 using Cactus -Ant Integration?