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totocasagrandi (1) [Avatar] Offline
hi, excuse my bad english

i'have problem with percent measures in reporting service. the measures GoodPct is calculated members and equal to:

nb good product / nb all product produced. I want to display this measures as follow


(-)month1| month 2 |month 3 |month4| month 5 |month 6|month7| month 8|month 9 |month10| month 11 |month12


with drilldown options. The problem is when i display thoses datas in analysis services the agr├ęgations work as i hope . But in reporting services when i agregate i have the pct who is greater than >1 for semestre


the correct

month1-->nb good product in month 1/nb all product producedin month 1

month2-->nb good product in month 2/nb all product producedin month 2

semestre1->nb good product in semestre 1/nb all product producedin in semestre 1

what i obtain:

semestre1--> sum(nb good product in month j/nb all product producedin month J)

can you help me please

tlachev (687) [Avatar] Offline
Re: problem with non additiv measures
What aggregate function do you use for the data in the matrix? Have you tried using Aggregate()?