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letitbe (1) [Avatar] Offline
As the book said, Food to Go scenario is about web-app but I am disappointed.

Is there anyone out there (including the author) have tried to implement/build samples of PIA into [small/simple] web application?

I'm seasonal Java developer and am bit confuse on how to tie all concept/pattern/examples together into working web app.

let me know. thanks all (waiting...)
ceracm (110) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Sample in Web Application
Sorry to hear that you are disappointed.

Unfortunately, the focus of the book is the backend and so there is little or no discussion of the front end (which would be heavily web framework-specific)

The sample code for chapter 8 (exposed domain model) includes some very simple web application code.

What's missing is the web application code for the rest, which I've written although it needs to be cleaned up before its released for public consumption. it would be similar to the ch 8 code in terms of how the Spring application context is configured in the web.xml

I'll give some thought to writing something that covers the web application part.

In the meantime I would be happy to answer your questions either in the forum or privately at "chris at".

simbo1905 (30) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Sample in Web Application
One was introduced in the following post:

it is in the context of the ZK AJAX RIA framework which it is specific too. If you look at it there is a lot of incidental screen logic so studying that may distract from the "build the back-end first from the requirements" approach outlined in the book.