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birinhos (8) [Avatar] Offline

Im want to know if it is realy possible, if Java3D API as realy working methods, to :
given a ray ( point and direction), find the exact point of intersection on the 3D world.

I have seen the mouse clic example and it seems possible ... but there are tecniques that work well for a mouse ray (like the implementation in GLU that does not calculate interceptions, it makes a special render and then see what object the clic pixel beelong...) that can not be aplied to a generic "ray" ...

All indicates that defining a pickray in Java3D it works to find the object but I dont want the object I want the exact point(x,y,z) of interception and I have read somewhere that is not possible(java 3D doesnt make it)... is it true ?

All the examples I have seen are working with mouse ray clic...
Can any one show-me an example with a generic "ray".


dselman (104) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Intersections -- Trying to build an movie projector in Java 3D
As far as I know it is possible, but the geometry your ray intersects with must have the ALLOW_INTERSECT capability set to find within the geometry the intersection point.,,%20double[])

birinhos (8) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Intersections -- Trying to build an movie projector in Java 3D
Tanks Daniel ! (I have your book…)

One example would be great.. Im planning my work on that, but I have been busy with other Java things smilie…