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jbrelsford (4) [Avatar] Offline
Generated report html is being added to an existing web page using html "SPAN" tag. In some cases, the report is rendered with scroll bars and appears like a window within the overall generated page. In other cases, the generated reported is rendered without scroll bars and the entire report appears as though it is just part of the overall page with standard scroll bars for the whole page. When looking at the html for the report that has scroll bars within a window on the generated page, the DIV tag is generated as <DIV style="overflow:auto;....... which is not the case when the report is just part of the whole page contiguous page. Is there anyway to control the generation of scroll bars when defining the report? Can't seem to find any setting that would control this. Do not want the scroll bars to appear. Thanks for any help you can give.">
tlachev (687) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Reporting Services 2005 - How do you control the presence of scroll bars
I suggest you post this question to the ReportViewer discussion list (