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I have no problems compiling and running Maximum Midi programs on my XP computer, but when I try running them on my old P133 laptop running Win98 they don't work very well.
Even the original, unmodified, MaxSeq program has the same problem.
The problem is, I load a midi file and click Play, and then nothing happens. Sometimes I'll get a click or two, or other noises from the synth, but otherwise nothing. The beat counter doesn't change. Sometimes, after clicking Play several times, it starts playing OK.
I recompiled MaxSeq to give an indication of when SyncDone is processed and, sure enough, I get this indication about half a second after clicking Play.

How can I find out what's happening? The MaxMidi toolkit doesn't appear to be very good when it comes to error indications.

The laptop works fine with other midi applications using the standard multimedia API, but the timing sucks - which is why I want to use MaxMidi.

BTW I'm an experienced C programmer, but I haven't had much experience with C++/MFC, so I'm battling a bit.