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I am using SLSBs as a SessionFacade and I want to better separate my EJB layer from my client layer. So what I would like to do is create a business interface that my EJB extends, which I have done. But when I try to use some of the xdoclet tags, my component interface winds up extending my business interface instead of implementing it. Is there an attribute for allowing my SLSB and its component interface to implement an interface?

This is what I attempted to do and it fails because it winds up generating the component interface that extends and interface.

* @ejb.bean
* name="BlueBookSessionFacadeSession"
* display-name="Blue Book Session Bean"
* jndi-name="ejb/BlueBookSessionFacadeSession"
* local-jndi-name="ejb/BlueBookSessionFacadeSessionLocal"
* view-type="both"
* type="Stateless"
* transaction-type="Container"
* @ejb.interface
* extends="com.healthnet.hnfs.administration.bluebook.ejb.BlueBookSessionFacade"
* @ejb.transaction
* type="Required"
* @weblogic.enable-call-by-reference True
* @weblogic.pool max-beans-in-free-pool="2"
* @weblogic.transaction-descriptor trans-timeout-seconds="60"
public class BlueBookSessionFacadeEJB extends BaseSessionEJB implements BlueBookSessionFacade {

Thanks, -jay
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Re: XDoclet and EJBs implementing interfaces.
I figured it out...thanks.