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Suca (1) [Avatar] Offline
Hi all,

This is for SCWCD. It's all explained in the documentation in the .htm
file provided by Enthuware, which is part of the zipped file for the
exam that's downloadable from the Manning site. Here's what it says:

1. Install the s/w by double clicking on setupjwpv4a.exe (included in
the CD). By default, the s/w is installed in "Csmilierogram
FilesEnthuwareJWebPlus V4 Abridged" directory.

2. Run the s/w from Windows Start -> Programs -> Enthuware -> JWebPlus
V4 Abridged. It will pop up a dialog box showing the Installation Code.
Copy this code.

3. Go to and select JWebPlus V4 Abridged from
the Product dropdown box, enter JWP_V4_ABRIDGED as your ORDER ID, your
email id, name, and Installation Code (displayed by the software, Step 2
above). A license file named license.lic will immediatly be emailed to

4. Save this license file in the <Installation>license directory and
click OK on the dialog box shown in Step 2. The s/w will automatically
pick up information contained in the license file and, if valid, it will
run without any problems. Make sure that you save the license file as
license.lic and not licence.lic.txt. If you have any problem, please
contact us at You may also want to go through
the detailed FAQ at


Blaise Bace
Manning Publications