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[Originally posted 9/22/03 by Anonymous]

Hi Jack,

I just wanted to thank for taking the time to write this book.

I have been puzzling over the issues of code generation ever since I discovered the CodeDOM capabilities in the Microsoft .Net framework, but I realise now that the approach I was taking was much more complex than it needed to be.

I really like the simplicity of the solutions you presented and I must confess I wouldn't have attempted something like UI generation until I read your chapter on the subject.

Cheers mate,
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Re: This stuff is great
[Originally posted 9/22/03 by Anonymous]

I'm glad you like it. Let us know if you have an code to share or recommendations.
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Re: This stuff is great
I'd like to add my concurrance. I'm a very lazy programmer and I'm always looking for ways to indulge my laziness. I've had your book for a while now, but just started working through it this weekend. The startup cost of setting up and learning Ruby went on my list of things to do, but didn't get pushed to the top until now.

However, I did do a fast scan of your book when I first got it and it inspired me to go ahead and use the tools I was using at the time to get started. At this point I've got a 1600 line SQL stored procedure that reads a set of metadata describing my database and generates scripts to retrieve, insert, modify and delete records from tables. These scripts allow me to control access down to the record level using a role-based access control system. They allow me to have a consistant set of standard error checking. Most importantly they allow me to have a consistent interface for the entire system.

My most recent run of the entire system took about 25 secs to generate just under 160000 lines of SQL code.

(And now back to your book and Ruby....)