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rupscha (1) [Avatar] Offline

I was trying to compile ORMUnit but without luck. I'm using hibernate 3.0.5.

For HibernateMappingTests.assertAllFieldsMapped(...) the compiler says:

"The method getProperty(String) is undefined for the type Component" at line 195

While I'm understood what's going on there, I do not know enough about hibernate to fix this.

ceracm (113) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Compiling ORMUnit

Thanks for trying ORMUnit/Hibernate. It looks like ORMUnit is using a Hibernate 3.1 method. Try replacing:

// try {
// Property p = cv.getProperty(fieldName);
// mappedFields.add(fieldName);
// } catch (MappingException e) {
// unmappedFields.add(fieldName);
// }


boolean found = false;
Iterator it2 = cv.getPropertyIterator();
while (it2.hasNext()) {
Property p1 = (Property);
if (p1.getName().equals(fieldName)) {
found = true;
if (found)

This code iterates through the properties looking for the fieldName.

Jozic (1) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Compiling ORMUnit
And what about compiling ORMUnit with Hibernate 2? Is it possible?
ceracm (113) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Compiling ORMUnit
To be honest. I have no idea what would be required to make it compile with Hibernate 2. My memory of Hibernate2 is a little fuzzy. smilie For example, I think the package names changed along the way. I can't remember whether the APIs that ORMUnit relies on have changed significantly.

Sorry to be so vague..