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after I bought the Hibernate in Action in the wonderful, annotable ThoutReader version, I really don't want to go back to the old, over-boring, unfriendly PDF deal.

Do you happen to know when it will be available for your book or which Manning e-mail address is the best for filing this complaint?

It's weird that they don't provide it, even when they seemed to be enthusiastic about ThoughtReader only a while ago. Did somebody break its DRM protection or something? Many of their PDF e-books are supposedly shared anonymously over the web, but their value as e-books is almost zero, because they aren't usable in the retro format...

Thanks a bunch!
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Re: ThoutReader version?

My understanding is that the publisher is working on the ThoutReader version. I'll will check to see when it will be available. It is likely that the holidays are responsible for the delay.

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Re: ThoutReader version?
Thank you foryour support of the ThoutReader. The bottleneck for the release of new content has nothing to do with the Reader or DRM. Manning provides OSoft their book files in PDF, which requires us to mark-up the entire book line by line. This is very labor intensive and time consuming. I believe Manning will be moving to a commerical service to do this which willallow us to release books in the ThoutReader format in a matter of days, not months.

Mark Carey