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Ramnivas Thanks for ur wonderful book .. Its a pleasure reading ur book ..

My Question is :

I have a class A which has a Method "M"

and i have classes B , C which are subclasses of A and both of them

override the method "M"

Here is a sample client code which uses the above classes

class client {

public void someMethod(A aref)
// This is a polymorphic call

A ref = new A();


public static void main(String args[])

client cl = new client();
cl.someMethod(new B() );



My question is :

Is there any way to find out through aspects that the call to method "M" of class B is made through A class ref as in the method

someMethod unlike the second one A ref = new A(); ref.m() ;
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Re: Differentiate between Polymorphic and NonPolymorphic calls through Aspe
Thanks for your positive comments.

How about the following pointcut:
call(* A.M()) && target(B)

Can you describe the use case (by specifying domain class names)? If so, I may have
a more precise solution.